24 March 2021 Petition, Speech and Evidence package to Lancaster City Council

At the City Council meeting scheduled for 24th March 2021, an address is to be delivered summarising the outcome of the petition by local residents opposed to the master-planning consultation currently being undertaken for Bailrigg Garden Village.


This briefing pack contains evidence in support of the demands of the petition  - information which could not be fitted into the 5 minutes allowed for our address to the Council meeting.


Supporting evidence : 

  1. Background to the petition.

  2. Reasons for concerns of local residents.

  3. Comparison of Bailrigg with other garden village schemes.

  4. JTP Master-planning Process - Deficiencies of Community Engagement.

  5. Local Government Association Statement.

Response to Report from the Director of Regeneration and Planning (submitted to the Council meeting on 24 March 2021)

Appendices :

Appendix 1 Text of petition against Bailrigg Garden Village Consultation

Appendix 2 Text of address to the Council meeting on 24th March 2021.

Appendix 3 Consultation Timeline

Full Briefing Pack

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