Lancaster City Council Meeting, Morecambe Town Hall, 20 December 2018

Lancaster City Council voted to adopt the Local Plan in a packed and lengthy meeting on 20 December 2017), at Morecambe Town Hall.  Bailrigg garden village is of course one of the key elements of this plan.


This doesn’t mean that our campaign against Bailrigg garden village has been defeated or that the village is a foregone conclusion.  We still have real opportunities to challenge the Local Plan. This will be published probably in February.and subject to public scrutiny.  The plan, together with objections from CLOUD (and no doubt others as well), will then go to central government. A Planning Inspector will be appointed to review the plan and the objections to it.  He/she will decide which elements they want to examine in public hearings and these we expect to be held in the Autumn of 2018.