Radio Lancashire broadcast live from Galgate on 6 April 2018

Galgate, Salford Road, 22 November 2017

On 6 April the whole of the Graham Liver Show, on Radio Lancashire, was broadcast from Galgate to revisit the area four months after the floods.

Many of the interviews were with flooded residents and also included  insurers and the Environment Agency  Steve Constantine spoke on behalf of CLOUD and Shaun Corkerry spoke on the Galgate Flood Resilience (FLAG) group while Erica Lewis discussed the Hala flood meeting.

If you missed it click on the link:

Use the slider, (time are on right hand side) for following times

1.10- 1.20 Flooded residents

2.08-2.20 Flooded residents, insurer, Environment agency

2.43-2.50 CLOUD,  FLAG and County Council