Inaugural CLOUD AGM 19 October 2017, Cobblers Suite, Boot and Shoe, Scotforth.



We invite all CLOUD supporters to attend the group’s 1st Annual General Meeting, which has been arranged for Thursday 19th October in the Cobbler’s Suite at the Boot & Shoe in Scotforth starting at 7.30pm.  This invitation includes everyone who has attended previous CLOUD meetings, have expressed interest in our newsletter and all those opposed to the proposed Bailrigg garden village development who now wish to join our group.

We will issue the full agenda nearer the date of the meeting.  These are the items we believe need to be on the agenda.  If you want to propose additional items please let us know in the next few weeks.



a) Approval of CLOUD constitution and election of officers.  Our last meeting on 16 August agreed that CLOUD should have a written constitution in order to enhance our standing and give extra weight to our campaign.


b) CLOUD working group on housing demand and transport issues (pollution and congestion).  At the 16 August meeting we agreed to set up an expert working group to investigate the Council’s forecast of housing demand (which determines the ‘need’ for Bailrigg garden village) and the associated increase in traffic pollution and congestion.  This group has now started work and will report progress at the October meeting.


c) Proposal for commissioning a paid expert to further challenge the local plan


d) Preparations for December 2017 Lancaster city council debates on our petition against Bailrigg garden village and on the Local Plan.


e) Update on matters such as the public consultation over the detailed plans for Bailrigg garden village.


f) Future plans - spreading awareness of the issues surrounding the garden village and growing CLOUD membership.


g)          Fund raising ideas

Please note the date - 19th October -  in your diary now. If you have friends or neighbours who might wish to join our campaign, do pass on the invitation to them.