Galgate has been prone to flooding for many years. Additional surface water from Bailrigg Garden Village, and its associated road development, would have serious consequences.

These photos from Debbie Foord show flooding during Storm Desmond, December 2015 and again in August 2016. She talks vividly about her devastation at the potential impact of Bailrigg Garden Village 

Debbie Foord:

I moved to Galgate about 10 years ago from East Lancashire, having got to know the area when my daughter was at the university. I was attracted by the rural location, proximity to the historic city of Lancaster and access to the M6, as at the time I worked all over Lancashire. Since I retired ( early I hasten to add ) I have become more involved with the local community. I joined the local historic society, made lots of new friends as I walked my dog along Chapel Lane and down the canal, took part in the Galgate Gaslight Show, winning prizes for my chutneys and jams and this year volunteering behind the scenes. 


I'm am devastated that this lovely rural community is now at threat from significant housing development. As a community we oppose these developments ,but our voices don't seem to be heard. Developers promise money for schools, that does not get to the school, and nobody appears to be accountable when things go wrong.


I am baffled as to how you can develop a local plan, consult on it, then allow planning applications outside of the local plan, which will encroach significantly on the "area of separation " promised should the Bailrigg Garden Village be developed. The huge assumptions made by the planners regarding the BGV are laughable i.e. The residents will all cycle to work, a supermarket in the village will mean traffic won't go into Lancaster. I am now considering selling my lovely home and leaving the area. I fully support the work of CLOUD and hope that we can influence the planners and developers to preserve the unique nature of our local communities and our historic city.