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9 December 2019 Newsbrief 62 CLOUD response to Gladman Planning Application

Summary : 1. CLOUD response to Gladman planning application

      2. How to submit objection.

Gladman’s Application - land NE of Bailrigg Lane Council planning ref : 19/01135/OUT)

CLOUD has now submitted our objections to the Lancaster City Council Planning Department and you can view this on our website to help with your response (though please use your own words). For CLOUD Objection follow link


Objections do NOT need to be long essays but statements in your own words of the issues that worry you, whether it is downstream flooding, traffic, air quality or pressure on services. 

The deadline for submitting objections to this application (Council planning ref : 19/01135/OUT) remains Friday 13th December as we reported in Newsbrief 60, so there’s time to submit your objection of you haven’t already done so. There are a growing number of objections but it is vital to voice your concerns.


2. There are a number of ways of submitting your objection  use one of:

Online : at 19/01135/OUT -


   If you are submitting from an iPad or phone you may find it times out so email or post may

    be better.

By email to: dm@lancaster.gov.uk with mpotts@lancaster.gov.uk copied in. 

           Include the planning reference number 19/01135/OUT

By Post  PO Box 4 | Town Hall | Dalton Square | Lancaster | LA1 1QR as these are fully acceptable. Include the planning reference number 19/01135/OUT

To view those objections already on the website go to the application page and then to Related Documents and then to View Association Documents

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