• Mary Breakell

Newsflash What is in store for South Lancaster?

This photo shows vividly what might be coming to Galgate and South Lancaster if Junction 33 reconfiguration goes ahead. Quite apart from the very real cost and flood related issues of the link road, there are ongoing issues relating to the construction phase.

  1. Noise pollution from sustained construction work.

  2. Rising traffic volume from large construction vehicles over many years

  3. Road closures and traffic disruption

  4. Destruction of biodiversity by soil disturbance and removal and he grubbing out of ancient, mature mixed hedges and woodlands.These are homes to birds, mammals, plants, mosses, fungi and insects. See this link for wildlife survey of 2km of Chapel Lane Galgate


On Monday this week Costain (the company with the contract for Jt 33), published a press release of the work they are completing on a new junction for the M55 near Cottam.


CLOUD has regularly raised concerns regarding the financial and environmental impact of the Housing Infrastructure Fund Agreement for £140m to reconfigure Jt 33 of M6 and the business plan with roof tax linked to 9185 houses in and around South Lancaster. There remain many unanswered questions regarding the financial risks for Council tax payers and the environmental impact of such a scheme during a Climate emergency.

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