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10 April 2018 Newsbrief 22 Consultation over. What next?

The period for sending in responses to the Local Plan for the Planning Inspector ended on 6 April 2018. Thanks to all who sent in their responses and for the kind remarks sent to us about the CLOUD response, very much appreciated.

A case of what next?

I received (by phoning and emailing) confirmation that the CLOUD submission was valid and would be sent to Secretary of State with all responses after 11 May 2018. Only then will the process of appointing a Planning Inspector begin. We will keep you in the loop as this unfolds through newsbriefs and meetings

Radio Lancashire and Galgate Floods

On 6 April the whole of the Graham Liver Show on Radio Lancashire  was broadcast from Galgate to revisit the area four months after the floods.

Many of the interviews were with flooded residents but included  insurers and the Environment agency also. Steve Constantine spoke on behalf of CLOUD and Shaun Corkerry spoke on the Galgate Flood Resilience (FLAG) group while Erica Lewis discussed the Hala flood meeting.

If you missed it:


Use the slider, time are on right hand side for following times

1.10- 1.20 Flooded residents

2.08-2.20 Flooded residents, insurer, Environment agency

2.43-2.50 CLOUD,  FLAG and County Council

​I will be putting this onto website as will be available for 28 days.​

City Council Drop In Session

On 12 April 2018 5.00pm-7.00pm Lancaster City Council are holding a drop in session on their ‘Ambitions’ for 2018-22 in the Storey Institute. This stated they wanted to discuss their plans for:

•                  A thriving and prosperous economy

•                  Clean and safe neighbourhoods

•                  Healthy and happy communities

•                  A smart and forward-thinking council

The notice for this was launched on their Twitter account last Friday, coinciding with the end of the consultation. Not sure where else it has been advertised. Might be worth calling in to ask City Council Cabinet members and officers any hard questions you may have on flooding, traffic congestion, air quality, jobs and the relationship between the drop in and the Local Plan and why the drop in is now rather than during the consultation period! http://ht.ly/ec4A30jlO5B

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