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11 March 2018 Newsbrief 19 Vital to respond to Local Plan

CLOUD General Meeting

When? 7.30 20 March 2018

Where? Cobblers’ Suite, Boot and Shoe, Scotforth

The consultation period on the Local Plan and Bailrigg garden village  is from 9 February to 6 April 2018

IT IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO COMMENT ON THE LOCAL PLAN. The Plan and our comments will then go to an independent Planning Inspector. Your previous comments to Lancaster City Council will not be forwarded.


This is the link to the local plan http://www.lancaster.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/publication-local-plan

CLOUD can still have influence over the future development or not of Bailrigg garden village.

     2. A major purpose of our meeting is to help you have your say about Bailrigg garden village:

          People will leave the meeting with a SIMPLE i.e.: SHORT handout / guide

          enabling them to find :

the relevant planning documents

the forms to complete to raise their objections to the proposed development

ideas for how to frame their objections

The more people who  respond the greater the impression on the Public Inspector. Come along and be part of the campaign, bring a friend, a neighbour or someone who needs a lift.

3. Air Quality - just one reason for objecting . Here is a brief overview of Galgate air quality from CLOUD expert Matt Barnes

Every local authority has to publish an Annual Status Report on the state of the air quality. Lancaster Council have just published the 2017 edition which includes all of the results from 2016. There has been a marginal improvement in air quality at a number of sites, but there are still many places, especially in Galgate and along the A6 corridor that are exposed to very unhealthy levels of pollution. This will only get worse with the proposed Bailrigg Garden Village, coupled with the Artisan Village on the other side of Galgate. DEFRA expects that emissions will improve by on average 4-5% per year, but independent research has shown that the results are closer to 1%. People working in the air quality industry do not have confidence in the figures provided by DEFRA. Any air quality assessment that is submitted with an application will therefore, more than likely, underpredict what the future pollutant concentrations will be.

4. Have a look at Countryfile tonight 11 March 6.30 as it is featuring rural house building. We may learn something useful for our campaign. It will be on iPlayer if you miss it.

5. Protest songs against garden villages are beginning to be written around the country by communities who are being ignored- How about one for Bailrigg garden village? https://www.youtube.com/watch…

Come along 7.30 20 March 2018 Cobblers’ Suite, Boot and Shoe, Scotforth

The Campaign Goes On we can make a difference!! Share this newsbrief as widely as possible!

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