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17 November 2019 Newsbrief 58 Planning Update


17 November 2019


Ward Field Farm : Planning Application

Gladmans - Land NE of Bailrigg Lane : Planning Application

Story - development proposal around Pinewood Close

Story - development proposal Grab Lane

CLOUD - Financial Update

Ward Field Farm : CLOUD members will no doubt remember that the Ward Field Farm development received outline Planning Consent in May 2018, despite objections from CLOUD and other parties. The more detailed Reserved Matters application has now been made and is out for consultation. One of the most contentious issues surrounding this site is of course the flooding risk it represents for Galgate. The current application contains details of what is described as ‘compensatory storage’ for flood water. We have already made contact with the Galgate and South Lancaster Flood Action Groups. Note that the deadline for comments on this application is very tight - consultation closes on 3 December 2019! Here’s the link to the planning application on the city council website :


Gladman Developments - Land NE of Bailrigg Lane : You may also remember that, back in the summer, a scoping bid was submitted on behalf of Gladman Developments for land adjacent to Bailrigg Lane. This has now gone in as an outline planning application. This proposes the erection of up to 680 dwellings, which is a considerable number by anybody’s reckoning! The application also proposes the creation of vehicular access from Bailrigg Lane and Hala Hill. As with Ward Field Farm, the deadline for comments is 3 December 2019. Here’s the link to the planning application on the city council website:


Story Development around Pinewood Close : As CLOUD members in the Pinewood Close area are probably already aware, Story Homes have been delivering leaflets with details of the extensive housing development in that area.Story proposal adjoining Pinewood Close is being hand delivered around adjacent area.

Story Development - Grab Lane: A further proposal for housing on Grab Lane, near the Leisure Centre, is also underway. Not only does this field flood, but Burrow Beck runs through the site, so that run off will have serious implications for Hala and Scotforth. As yet it is not formally lodged as a planning application, so not out for consultation at this time.


We are liaising with both the Galgate Flood Action Group and the South Lancaster Flood Action Group on all these developments

CLOUD Donations : Thanks to the donations from CLOUD supporters at the AGM and subsequently, the balance in our CLOUD account now stands at £652. This certainly provides sufficient funds for room hire for future CLOUD general meetings and for the printing of flyers as and when we need them. Many thanks to CLOUD members for your generosity.

If you’ve got any immediate comments or questions, please email them to CLOUD at cloudbgv2017@gmail.com We are arranging a CLOUD committee meeting to discuss these planning applications and will issue a further Newsbrief after that.

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