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18 October 2019 Newsbrief 56 CLOUD AGM Agenda

2019 CLOUD Annual General Meeting.

Date & time : Wednesday 23rd October starting at 7.30pm.

Venue :  Rowley Court, Scotforth

Our Newsbrief No 55, issued on 11th September, gave notice that the 2019 CLOUD Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 23rd October.  All CLOUD members are invited to attend - please note the change of venue from previous meetings. The Cobblers Suite at the Boot & Shoe is no longer available. Rowley Court is directly opposite the Boot & Shoe at the Scotforth traffic lights.  Limited car parking is available, but if this is full you can use the adjacent Booth’s car-park.


Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 30 October 2018.

Report by the Chairperson on CLOUD’s activities over the year from October 2018.

Report by the Treasurer on CLOUD’s finances. 

Election of the new management committee for the year to October 2020. 

Any Other Business 

Date of Next Meeting

Regarding Agenda Item 4, the Management Committee comprises : Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary plus up to 6 other members.  All these posts are for election by CLOUD members at this AGM. Any CLOUD member wishing to stand for any of these posts should submit their name to the Secretary by email to cloudbgv2017@gmail.com

Nominations should be supported by a proposer and seconder, both of whom should also be CLOUD members.  This should preferably be in advance of the AGM, although nominations can also be made at the meeting.  

The CLOUD constitution, minutes of meetings etc are all available on our website at : https://www.cloudbgv2017.co.uk/cloud-meetings-and-constitution

Present members of the CLOUD Management Committee are : 

Chairperson : Steve Constantine

Secretary : Rosie Morgan

Treasurer : Tony Breakell

Members : Mary Breakell (IT, Web and Communications)

Mark Salisbury (Burrow representative)

Sally Salisbury

Jet Harris

Tom Wilkinson

The following link takes you to the Minutes of the 2018 CLOUD AGM

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