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19 March 2018 Newsbrief 20 Meeting Reminder

Newsbrief 20  Meeting reminder and guidance on responding to the Local Plan

CLOUD General Meeting

When? 7.30 20 March 2018

Where? Cobblers’ Suite, Boot and Shoe, Scotforth

Just a quick reminder that our meeting is tomorrow night!

We have prepared some guidelines to help you with the response process. It isn't as difficult as it looks! 

If you know people who do not have internet access we have a collection of paper forms. If you know people who need some help responding let us know at the meeting or by email.

We have included a guidance page on our website with links to the Local Plan, to the map to remind you how big Bailrigg Garden Village could become and our own guidance on the process. Just follow the link for all the details, links and downloadable pdfs. https://www.cloudbgv2017.co.uk/2018-local-plan-consultation 

It is vital to respond to the Local Plan we can make a difference. These responses go to the Independent Public Inspector, via Lancaster City Council Planners but are not to the City Planners.

Share this Newsbrief as widely as possible. Bring a friend to the meeting.

The Campaign Goes On!

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