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21 November 2018 Newsbrief 39 Planning Updates and AGM Minutes


As CLOUD members who attended our AGM last month will recall, we reported that 8th January 2019 had been set for the start of the planning inquiry (‘hearings’)  into the Lancaster Local Plan. We also said that we were expecting the Inspector to publish in mid November the questions and issues he wanted to examine at this inquiry.

How times change!  The situation now is that the start of the inquiry has been delayed - but we don’t yet know for how long.  According to the rather sparse announcement on Lancaster city council’s website :

12 November 2018

The hearings will NOT commence on Tuesday 8th January 2019.  Further details will be posted in due course.

The council submitted additional documents to the Inspector.  See the Examination Library, Section 9 below

We are now reading through these documents to see what new material they contain and will report our conclusions in a further Newsbrief, together of course with any news about the revised start date for the inquiry.


Chapel Lane

We reported in Newsbrief No 38 that the developers behind the Chapel Lane planning application (for 32 houses adjacent to the church) had been withdrawn from the November Planning Committee agenda.  The reason was that the developers had additional information which they wished to present. Rumours suggest that this may involve a reduction in the number of houses but we have no confirmation on this.  Further news as and when we receive it - let us know if you hear anything interesting.

Ellel Gardens

We have been aware of the Ellel Artisan Village scheme since early 2017.  It is now called Ellel Gardens and the developers have explained to us that they are intending to make representations at the Local Plan inquiry in favour of having Ellel Gardens included in the Lancaster Local Plan.  At present they are carrying out what are referred to as ‘pre-application’ consultations and preparations. Lancaster planners have not included Ellel Gardens in the Local Plan due to issues such as infrastructure and access. We expect the Planning Inspector to make the final decision as part of the planning inquiry.  More news as we receive it.

AGM Minutes

The minutes of the CLOUD Annual General Meeting held on 30th October 2018 are now available on the CLOUD website - follow this link

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