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22 March 2019 Newsbrief 49 Hearings Update and amendments

In Newsbrief No 48 we reported the draft timetable for the examination hearings into the Lancaster Local Plan. The Inspector has now amended the timetable, extending it from 7 to 8 days, mainly to allow more time for the housing need issue.  This is of course one of CLOUD’s key issues, on which Neil McDonald is appearing as our professional expert. The timetable remains provisional and so may yet change again, but here it is, together with the link to the City Council’s website which gives full details of the hearings, including the organisations and/or individuals who will be participating :


Day 1 Tuesday 9th April  - Legal and procedural matters

Day 2 Wednesday 10th April - Housing Need

Day 3 Thursday 11th April - Housing Need (continued)

There is then a break over Easter

Day 4 Wednesday 24th April - Spatial strategy

Day 5 Thursday 25th April - Economic development

Day 6 Friday 26th April - Heritage and natural environment

Day 7 Tuesday 30th April - Transport

Day 8 Wednesday 1st May - Environment

Fund-raising for CLOUD’s Professional Expert -  Neil McDonald

Newsbrief No 48 appealed for donations towards the cost of Neil McDonald’s appearance at the examination hearings.  We’ve already had a marvellous response - many thanks to everyone who has contributed! By 20th March we had received £405, bringing the CLOUD bank account balance to £2241.  This is well on the way to our target of £2600. Further donations are of course very welcome. (As previously advised, members of the CLOUD Management Committee have underwritten any shortfall in our funding so that there is no financial liability on CLOUD members beyond the funds already contributed).  

Here are the CLOUD bank details:

Bank Cumberland Building Society

26-28 Cheapside, Lancaster, LA1 1LZ

Account Name CLOUD

Account No 54234823

Sort Code 16-52-21

Payments can be made by a variety of means : through online banking, or by bank transfer, quoting the appropriate CLOUD account details as at the top of this Newsbrief.  Cash and cheques can also be paid in at the Cumberland branch in Cheapside, Lancaster. Cheques should be made out to CLOUD.

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