• Mary Breakell

23 May 2018 Newsbrief 27 Flood Concerns

The combination of flood risks, from the recently approved Ward Field Farm planning application and the Health Innovation Campus is causing much concern especially among Galgate and Bailrigg residents. Susan Aspinall (a CLOUD member) contacted the Lancaster Guardian about the Health Innovation Campus and, at the same time, I contacted them on behalf of CLOUD about Ward Field Farm. The reporter is aiming to run an article on both developments and the flood risk for Galgate 6 months on from the November floods.

This is now the time to be heard and, as well as the article, it would be great for as many people as possible write about your concerns and experience of the floods in Letters to the Lancaster Guardian. 

I know it takes time and effort, but a wave of letters can get noticed. Do encourage your friends and neighbours to join in.

 Send to the Editor Chris Daggett - email address on Contacts page of Lancaster Guardian https://www.lancasterguardian.co.uk/contact-usIf you have neighbours who prefer to use post the address is:Lancaster Guardian, 41 Northgate White Lund Morecambe Lancashire LA3 3PA

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