• Mary Breakell

25 July 2018 Newsbrief 31 Call for Flyer Distributers

We are making arrangements for a CLOUD general meeting to be held in late August.  This meeting will be an important part of our preparations for the Planning Inquiry into the Lancaster local plan and Bailrigg garden village.  We are expecting the inquiry to take place in October or November this year.

We are going to print flyers for distribution to as many houses as possible in south Lancaster and Galgate - as we’ve done for previous CLOUD meetings.  We already have a number of volunteers who have agreed to distribute flyers house to house, but we need more. If you are able to help please get in touch right away, as we will be distributing the flyers throughout August.  Contact us by email to the CLOUD email address below or text message to 07947 032061. All offers of help much appreciated. You don’t need to take on a massive area - if you can just cover a few roads that will help to get our message out.

We would also welcome offers of assistance from anyone with previous involvement in planning inquiries.  If you have any relevant experience, such as attending inquiries, preparing submissions or making presentations to planning inspectors, please share your thoughts and advice with the CLOUD team.  In addition we would like to hear from anyone who has expertise in the field of employment/jobs forecasting - especially the interpretation of official statistics. The CLOUD team already has experts in fields such as air pollution, but employment forecasting is an area where we would welcome additional expertise.


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