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25 November 2019 Newsbrief 60 Changed Date for comments on planning ref : 19/01135/OUT

URGENT NOTIFICATION of date change for comments

We have just been informed by the City Planners that they posted a wrong date on their website for comments on the Gladmans’ planning application for land NE of Bailrigg Lane (Council planning ref : 19/01135/OUT). When we issued Newsbrief 59 we quoted the deadline for comments as 3rd December - as stated on the Council website. This has now been corrected by the Planners to Friday 13th December - this is date you will see.if you log on to the planning website. So we now have an extra 9 days to prepare our responses - which is good if confusing news.

We are trying to find out the date of the Planning Committee meeting to consider the Gladmans’ application and will pass on whatever news we receive. This will enable us to work out who will be available to speak on behalf of CLOUD at the meeting and also ensure individual residents are able to speak

Please note that for Ward Field Farm (also covered in Newsbrief 59), the deadline is unchanged and remains as 3rd December.

We have heard from one CLOUD member who experienced considerable difficulty using the Council website on-line facility to submit comments. You may find it easier to submit comments by email to dm@lancaster.gov.uk with mpotts@lancaster.gov.uk copied in or by post to

Postal Address: PO Box 4 | Town Hall | Dalton Square | Lancaster | LA1 1QR as these are fully acceptable.

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