• Mary Breakell

26 March 2018 Newsbrief 21 Welcome to new members, meeting update and thanks

We would like to welcome the new members who joined CLOUD at the meeting on 20 March. Many thanks to all who came to the meeting and for the generous contributions of £360 to our printing costs. This was most appreciated and leaves us with a balance towards future print costs etc. The meeting was packed and this report on Virtual Lancaster sums it up well https://virtual-lancaster.net/news-story/cloud-meeting-advises-how-comment-local-plan-deadline-6-april I have posted the minutes of the meeting on our website https://www.cloudbgv2017.co.uk/cloud-meetings-and-constitution All the materials we handed out at the meeting are available on our site https://www.cloudbgv2017.co.uk/2018-local-plan-consultation Do be sure to get your responses for the Planning Inspector in by 5.00pm 6 April 2018. Remember although they are going via Lancaster City Planners, these are to the Independent Planning Inspector.  Remember too that responses should be as individuals not per household. The more that go in the better. If anyone wants any more help in completing the form get in touch with us. 

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