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27 February 2018 Newsbrief 17 General Meeting Announced


We now need to decide on the next steps in our campaign against Bailrigg garden village.  We are calling a General Meeting for all CLOUD members and supporters on Tuesday 20th March at 7.30pm in the Cobblers Suite at the Boot & Shoe pub in Scotforth.

As you’ll have seen from the CLOUD Newsbriefs and the local media, Lancaster City Council voted on 20th December last year to adopt the Local Plan, including the development of Bailrigg garden village.  While this was a disappointment for us, this decision came as no real surprise and it most certainly doesn’t mean that our campaign is finished.  The next and crucial stage in the process of approving the Local Plan is about to start.  This is the examination of the plan by a Government appointed planning inspector.  The inspector will consider both written objections to the plan and also carry out public hearings.  This provides us with our best (and our final!) opportunity to register our many and strong objections to Bailrigg garden village.  Evidence from around the country suggests that planning inspectors understand the technical issues involved and bring independent judgement to the plans they examine.  While we cannot guarantee a successful outcome in our case, we are convinced that, with sound arguments and enough support, sensible amendments to the proposed plan can be made.  So please do come to this CLOUD meeting and help to decide our way ahead.

The meeting will be in 2 main parts - first a series of brief report on developments since the 1st CLOUD Annual General Meeting on 19 October last year and then discussion and decision on the next steps.


CLOUD bank account - donations received and current financial position.

CLOUD presence on social media.

Lancaster floods 22 November 2017.

20 December Lancaster city council debate on Local Plan.

Forecasts of Lancaster housing needs (as used in the Local Plan).

Ellel Grange Artisan Village.

Ward Field Farm.

Royal Albert/Ashton Road.

Lancaster University developments.


Making representations on the revised Local Plan (as issued 9th February 2018) by the deadline of 6th April 2018.

Preparations for the examination by the Planning Inspector, including:

Fundraising for expert witnesses to represent CLOUD at the public hearings.

Raising awareness across Lancaster about the planning inspection and encouraging local residents to join our campaign.

Preparing submissions to the Planning Inspector on our objections to Bailrigg garden village.

Recruiting more distributors for CLOUD flyers.

Recruiting more CLOUD members.

We encourage all CLOUD members and supporters to attend this important meeting.  Only people who have signed up as CLOUD members will be able to vote at the meeting, but all supporters are most welcome.  If you’ve not already joined, membership forms will be available at the meeting.

Please note : Any representations you made on the previous version of the Local Plan (around 12 months ago) will NOT be carried forward to the Planning Inspector.  Only fresh representations made now will count! (That’s the rules we have to comply with).

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