• Mary Breakell

30 January 2018 Newsbrief 14 Fund raising going well

I have some very encouraging news to report on CLOUD's financial position. The CLOUD bank account now has a balance of £1020!

This means that we've achieved the financial objective agreed at our 1st Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19th October last year. This meeting recognised that the informal group, which had been running CLOUD before the AGM, had incurred expenditure on the production and distribution of leaflets and flyers to publicise our campaign. This expenditure totalled £987. The AGM agreed to encourage CLOUD supporters to donate whatever sum they wished towards these costs. As a result, we are now able to refund the £987. This will leave a balance of £33 in the CLOUD bank account. In accordance with our Constitution it will be for CLOUD members at the next general meeting to decide what to do with this £33. The CLOUD management committee met very recently and we'll be announcing arrangements shortly for a general meeting to decide on the next steps in our campaign, including any new financial objectives we may agree on.

In the meantime and on behalf of the CLOUD committee, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the CLOUD bank account. Your donations are very much appreciated!

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