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4 April 2019 Newsbrief 50 Local Plan Hearings are about to start

The long-awaited hearings by the Planning Inspector, Richard McCoy, into the Lancaster Local Plan really are about to start.  This will mark the culmination of all our efforts over the last 2½ years - submitting objections to the Local Plan, raising funds for CLOUD activities and turning out on wet,cold nights for meetings at the Boot & Shoe.  The Hearings begin on Tuesday 9th April and the full schedule is set out below.

Since the last Newsbrief, the CLOUD team has been extremely busy preparing and submitting our hearing statements.  These statements set out the key points we wish to raise in response to the matters and questions which the Inspector has set out for discussion during the hearings. The other parties who will be at the hearings have also submitted their statements.

These statements are now available on the city council website and indeed you may  already have received notification from the council alerting you to their availability. http://www.lancaster.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/examination-stage

To locate them follow the above link and go to Local Plan Examination Library Section 7.

Neil McDonald (the professional expert representing CLOUD and Cllr Tim Hamilton Cox) has written an especially powerful statement challenging the Housing Need statistics underlying the Lancaster Local Plan. This is a vital element of our challenge to the Plan.

The following link takes you to Neil’s Hearings Statement. Appended to it is the full report on housing need that he produced in September 2018. We shouldn’t forget that Neil’s report and appearance at the hearings have only been made possible thanks to the financial generosity of CLOUD members.  On this subject, the CLOUD bank balance now stands at £2437, an increase of nearly £200 over the figure reported in Newsbrief 49 on 22nd March.

The CLOUD hearing statement addresses the questions raised by the Planning Inspector and adds to our earlier responses of April 2018 and February 2019 on South Lancaster job numbers, transport, flooding and air quality.  

With regard to the November 2017 floods we are especially grateful to Ann Kretzschmar of the Galgate Flood Action Group for photographs and observations from those affected. Thanks are also due to Andrew Egerton of South Lancaster Flood Group for allowing us to append his report ‘A Community Account of Flooding’ to our hearing statement. Our Freedom of Information requests to Lancaster University and Lancaster City Council are also appended - we have used the information we obtained from them in our hearing statements.

For easy access to the CLOUD hearing statement please follow this link

Members of the public are allowed to attend the hearings and it would be great to have your support in the public gallery if you are able to come.

All hearing sessions will be held at Morecambe Town Hall, Marine Road East, Morecambe LA4 5AF, except Day 2 (10 April 2019) which will be held at The Storey Institute, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster LA1 1TH. Morning sessions start at 10.00am and afternoon 2.00pm.  Do check details on the City Council Website in case of any last minute changes. http://www.lancaster.gov.uk/planning/planning-policy/examination-stage Under Section 5 Correspondence from the Programme Officer.

CLOUD Speakers:

Day 1 Tues 9 April (am only) Matter 1 Consultation etc  MARK SALISBURY

Day 2 and 3 Matter 2 Housing Neil McDonald Professional expert to CLOUD

Day 4 Wed 24 April Matter 3 Spatial Strategy MARY BREAKELL

Day 5 Thurs 25 April (am only) Matter 4 Economic development MARY BREAKELL & STEVE CONSTANTINE

Day 7 Tues 30 April Matter 6 Transport  TONY BREAKELL

Day 8 Wed 1 May Matter 7 Environment  ROSIE MORGAN & STEVE CONSTANTINE

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