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7 February 2018 Newsbrief 16 Galgate Flood Action Group set up

A Galgate Flood Action Group (FLAG) has been set up to build flood resilience in Galgate following the November floods. It met first on 22 January (Minutes Below)  This group is not run by CLOUD but CLOUD is affiliated to it.  There is a FLAG meeting in the Community Rooms behind Ellel Village Hall, Thursday 8 February 7.00pm - see attached flyer

FLAG Meeting held 22nd January 2018

* Group chaired by Siriol Hogg, introductions made to reps from EA, Lune Valley flood forum, and Mythemroyd flood forum. * Role of the flood forums/ action groups explained, job descriptions for chairperson outlined. * Group members introduced themselves, outlined the impact the recent floods had upon them, what current concerns where and what they would like to see done to prepare for future flood risks. * The chairperson explained what had been done in Churchtown, what funding opportunities maybe available, how the locality had been split into zones, regular newsletters, flood mitigation measures, conferences, establishment of a flood warden role, flood constitution, identification of vulnerable residents etc. * Calder valley reps outlined the work carried out there, emphasis on the need to not lobby politically as a pressure group, but rather to work with the council and other agencies, letting agencies know what we need and when we need it, rather than work against the agencies. It is easier for agencies to work with a group, rather than individuals, which is what is currently happening in Galgate. We need to take control of relationship with EA. * The need was outlined for a number of initiatives :Flood forum / flood action group Emergency flood plan/ flood warning group Flood wardens Communication plan Pumping plan A constitution which can apply for funding ie from united utilities Need to identify funding opportunities, need to be consulted on future planning * We now need to identify potential chairperson and vice chair for the flood forum, we need specialists to participate in the group. * it was agreed a leaflet will be developed and delivered, advertising the need to develop the local flood forum. Information will be made available via the Rhubarb city news. *it was agreed to hold another meeting on Thursday 8th Feb at 7.00pm in the community rooms at the back of ellel community centre.


Researching best practice for personal flood protection. Funding resources ( for the above) Funding resources for village flood plan.

thanks to Debbie Foord for the above and Karen Holden

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