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CLOUD Newsbrief 3 23 November 2017

The Galgate floods are devastating and many CLOUD supporters will have been personally affected. It is heartbreaking to see the village so damaged and we are deeply sorry for you all. The heaviest recorded rainfall for 50 years led the Condor, Whittley Beck and Ou Beck to flood, roaring through the village with frightening force. Main Road, Salford Road, Chapel Street and Stoney Lane were worst affected though parts of Chapel Lane and the motorway bridge on Hazelrigg Lane were also affected. Radio Lancashire interviewed Steve Constantine as CLOUD Chair, on the Gary Hickson news show at 5.25 this evening (23 November) raising flooding concerns related to Bailrigg garden village -we will put a link on our website tomorrow.

We realise that many of you will have much else to worry about but, if you are able we urge as many people as possible to email Eileen Blamire eblamire@lancaster.gov.uk, Leader of the Lancaster City Council, perhaps copying in the Lancaster Guardian in Guardian@jpress.co.uk. We have written the following letter to Eileen Blamire. Raise your own concerns about the floods and personal experience and the implications of Bailrigg garden village. The following link gives some of the history of Galgate flooding http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1256/wea.275.04/pdf

Dear Mrs Blamire,

We are writing to you to ask what the City Council intends to do following the appalling floods in Galgate on the night of 22 November 2017. The attached photographs highlight the severity of the flooding and damage to property.This is by far the worst flooding in recent years, but the fourth time Galgate has flooded in 2 years. Galgate’s drains failed to cope last night and this exacerbated the problem caused by river water. The human tragedy of flood water continues long after the water recedes, affecting people for many months to come and has lasting impact on ability to insure houses. Houses that were once safe from flooding were affected last night.

Extreme weather events have become more and more frequent and considerable local concern was raised over flood risks at the City council drop in sessions for the Local Plan and Bailrigg garden village last winter and this autumn. Current flood defences for Galgate are clearly inadequate and we have not been advised of any significant new improvement schemes to protect the village from future floods. Could you explain to us what measures you now intend to take to improve drainage and flood defences for Galgate? We are extremely concerned that the impact of 3,500 new houses proposed for the Bailrigg Garden Village will make these flood risks even worse. Has this flood risk been factored into the Local Plan? Is it acceptable that so many houses are going to be built in an area of high flood risk? Is it now time for us to rethink the potentially dangerous Bailrigg Garden Village project?

Yours sincerely,

Mary Breakell, Tony Breakell, Stephen Constantine, Rosie Morgan, Deborah Otway, Mark Salisbury, Sally Salisbury, Phil Ternouth, The CLOUD Team

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