• Mary Breakell

Newsbrief 4 Galgate Floods 29 November 2017

Lancaster City Council is arranging a series of public meetings to discuss the flooding that has affected several parts of Lancaster.  If you're on Facebook, you will probably have already received this notification, but, for those who aren't, here are the details:

For residents in Galgate, the public meeting will take place on Tuesday 5th December at 7pm in Ellel village hall.

For residents in Hala, the public meeting will be on Thursday 7th December in Moorside School.

A public meeting has already been held in Halton on 28th November.  Some 600 residents attended.  As well as Lancaster City Council, there were also representatives from Lancashire County Council, Environment Agency, Fire & Rescue services and the Police.  We are expecting similar attendance at the Galgate and Hala meetings.

Please make every effort to attend and tell the Council how the floods have affected you and register your concerns for the future.  If you have friends or neighbours who are not on email or social media, please let them know about these meetings.


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