• Mary Breakell

Newsbrief 6 Drop-In Sessions for Local Plan Objections, 7 December 2019


CLOUD has arranged a drop-in session for all CLOUD members and supporters to help and encourage our campaign against Bailrigg garden village. The drop-in session will be on Tuesday 12th December in the Cobblers' Suite at the Boot & Shoe pub in Scotforth. Members of the CLOUD team will be there from 3pm to 8pm.

On 20th December Lancaster City Council is going to debate a motion to adopt the Local Plan (of which Bailrigg garden village is a key element) and councillors are being pressed to support this motion. As part of this debate, the petition against the garden village (which some 300 of us signed last winter) will also be debated and members of the CLOUD team will be addressing councillors with a summary of our objections.

It is now crucial for as many CLOUD supporters as possible to write to the city council opposing the Local Plan and Bailrigg garden village in particular. While we can't predict the outcome of the council debate, we do know that the more objections we send to our councillors before 20th December, the more impact we will have. The drop-in session will provide advice and suggestions on the wording of letters and emails for any CLOUD supporter who wishes to come along and see us.

We will be sending out a further Newsbrief in the next day or two with additional information on arrangements for the 20th December debate. We will also include suggested text and topics for the letters to councillors - much the same material as will be available at the drop-in session.

We look forward to seeing you in the Cobblers' suite next Tuesday. As well as advice with letter writing, this session will also enable anyone who hasn't yet signed up as a CLOUD member to do so. There is no subscription fee and the more members we have, the stronger our voice will be! If you have friends or neighbours who support CLOUD, but are not on email or social media, please let them see this Newsbrief.

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