• Mary Breakell

Newsbrief 7 CLOUD Bank Account set up by Treasurer 7 December 2017

In Newsbrief no 2, I reported that the CLOUD bank account had been opened with the Cumberland Building Society. As agreed at our inaugural annual general meeting on 19th October, donations were invited to reimburse the costs previously incurred by the informal group in the printing and distribution of CLOUD leaflets.

I am now delighted to inform CLOUD members that our bank balance stands at £745 as at 6th December. Our target - the cost of the CLOUD leaflets - is to reach £987. So, in just over 2 weeks, we are already about three quarters of the way there. With a few more donations we'll complete the job.

This is very encouraging progress and on behalf of the CLOUD team I'd like to thank everyone who has made a donation.


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