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Newsbrief 73 1 October CLOUD AGM

NEWSBRIEF NO 73 : 1st October 2020


The 2020 CLOUD Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 22nd October, starting at 7.30pm. Due to the Coronavirus regulations, we are unable to arrange our usual face-to-face meeting and so the AGM will have to be held on-line. We will be using Zoom software for the meeting and CLOUD members with access to a computer will be able to join and participate in the proceedings. We’ll provide guidance on how to use Zoom in a later Newsbrief. We encourage as many CLOUD members as possible to join the on-line AGM which has important business to conduct - to decide on CLOUD’s future methods and to elect the new Management Committee. Please note the date in your diary and look out for further Newsbriefs.

If you know of friends or neighbours who are CLOUD members but don’t have access to a computer, could we ask you to share this Newsbrief with them.


  1. Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 23rd October 2019.

  2. Report by the Chairperson on CLOUD’s activities over the year from October 2019.

  3. Report by the Treasurer on CLOUD’s finances.

  4. Election of the new Management Committee for the year to October 2021.

  5. Any Other Business

  6. Date of Next Meeting

The CLOUD constitution, minutes of meetings (including the 2019 AGM) are all available on our website at : https://www.cloudbgv2017.co.uk/cloud-meetings-and-constitution.

The reports by the Chairperson and Treasurer for agenda items 2 & 3 will be issued in a further Newsbrief.

Regarding agenda item 4 - election of the new management committee - all these posts are for election by CLOUD members at this AGM. The Management Committee comprises : Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary plus up to 6 other members. Any CLOUD member wishing to stand for any of these posts should submit their name before 15th October to the Secretary by email to cloudbgv2017@gmail.com.

Present members of the CLOUD Management Committee are :

Chairperson : Steve Constantine

Secretary : Rosie Morgan

Treasurer : Tony Breakell

Members :

Mary Breakell (IT, Web and Communications)

Mark Salisbury (Burrow representative)

Sally Salisbury

Tom Wilkinson

Barbara Walker

Tony Blendall

Rosie Morgan has advised that she is standing down from the Management Committee and so we will have a vacancy for the post of Secretary. All other committee members have indicated their willingness to serve for another year - but this doesn’t preclude any CLOUD member from seeking election to the committee.

For agenda item 5 - any other business - we invite CLOUD members to submit any proposals they wish to have discussed at the AGM. Our Constitution states that “Decisions on the methods to be adopted in furtherance of CLOUD’s aims shall be decided at general meetings” and that CLOUD’s aim is to “stop the proposed development of Bailrigg garden village”. Previous general meetings agreed that we should object to the Lancaster Local Plan at the public hearings conducted by the Planning Inspector and this we have done. However, as we all know, the Inspector ignored our objections and Lancaster City Council voted in July to adopt the Local Plan. We need to decide at this AGM what CLOUD should do next. The Management Committee will issue its proposals in a Newsbrief before the AGM.

Best wishes,

Tony Breakell, on behalf of CLOUD Team

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