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Newsbrief 74 19 October 2020 CLOUD AGM Papers

Newsbrief 74 CLOUD AGM

The following provides the Agenda for the meeting and links to all the relevant papers. We will be sending details of our Zoom connection and how to join in a separate message.


22 October 2020

Zoom meeting 7.30pm

  1. Approval of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 23rd October 2019. Click here for link

  2. Report by the Chairperson on CLOUD’s activities over the year from October 2019. Click here for link

  3. Report by the Treasurer on CLOUD’s finances. Click here for link

  4. Election of the new Management Committee for the year to October 2021.

  5. Next steps for discussion Click here for link

  6. Any Other Business

  7. Date of Next Meeting to be confirmed.

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