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Newsbrief 77 Reminder of Deadline

NEWSBRIEF 77 Reminder of Deadline Transforming Lancaster Travel Consultation

This is a quick reminder that the deadline for the Transforming Lancaster Travel Consultation, undertaken by the County Council is 8 December 2020

Newsbrief 76 gave an overview of CLOUD’s response to the transport consultation - to review this follow this link

It is vital that as many people as possible respond : Silence is interpreted as consent!

Your response doesn’t need to be long or detailed but the Planning Officers count the number received and this number is vital in decision making.

This is the link to the consultation by the County Council is https://lancashire.gov.uk/transforming-lancaster-travel/

You are invited to complete a questionnaire : https://consultation.lancashire.gov.uk/responses/response.asp?ID=393

If you find this awkward, especially if you are using a phone or a tablet

Email your response to TLT@lancashire.gov.uk

Or post to: Transforming Lancaster Travel, Infrastructure Delivery Team, Lancashire County Council, County Hall, Pitt Street, Preston, PR1 0LD

We suggest you alert City and County Councillors of your response to the consultation. Again details are in our Newsbrief 76 - click here

Best wishes

Mary Breakell on behalf of the CLOUD team.

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