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Newsbrief 80 15 February 2021

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Newsbrief 80 : 15 February 2021

Bailrigg Garden Village : Masterplanning Update


  1. JTP Masterplanning Vision Consultation Phase 2.

  2. Lancashire County Council decision on route choice for Junction 33 and link road.

  3. Petition to the City Council on JTP consultation process and issues.

1 JTP Masterplanning Vision Consultation Phase 2. Newsbrief 78 and Newsbrief 79 alerted members to the Masterplanning process that was being run by JTP on behalf of Lancaster City Council. he first stage consultation, which was launched with a Zoom on 19 January 2021 and ran until 2 February 2021,resulted in 883 responses of one form or another, 657 of which can be found on the interactive map.

On 9 February 2021 JTP held a second Zoom to report the findings and show how they were informing their Vision for Bailrigg Garden Village.

A second phase of consultation on the Vision is now running from 10 - 23 February 2021.

Process Issues with the Consultation

Consultation is undoubtedly taking place but has been challenging. There have been considerable concerns over:

  1. Limited distribution of the first Newsletter, an issue raised by Councillors.

  2. Issues with the website and the operation of the map (which were resolved).

  3. The rushed nature of the Masterplanning exercise, with rapid run of brief consultations from 19 January- 23 March 2021. This process is described as ‘part of a journey’, leading to the Area Action Plan for South Lancaster. It is however the part that lays the principles and foundations for a major development which was announced in January 2017. Why the rush now?

Recent News

  1. We understand that JTP Newsletter distribution for the 2nd phase of consultation has been significantly, albeit belatedly, increased. This leaves the question when will households receive the thisNewsletter and will this provide sufficient time for people to respond by 23 February 2021?


  1. CLOUD contacted JTP on 13 February 2021 because it was unclear on the website how and to whom residents could feed back their comments. They confirmed that comments could be sent by email to community@jtp.co.uk or phone on 0800 012 6730. In addition a comment button was added to the website. We understand that those wishing to send postal responses will be able to do so on receipt of the Newsletter.

Development issues

Concerns remain over how to achieve a truly sustainable garden village with net zero carbon impact and how to ensure the principles are carried through regarding flooding and the provision of SUDS, road access, health and education, and biodiversity. These issues have not been addressed in the first phase of the consultation.

a)What proportion of houses will be on Passiv Haus principles?

b)What proportion will be affordable?

c) Where will residents work, how will they travel, how will car dependence be reduced

d) How many houses can be supported given need for significant flood mitigation?

e) How and where will health and education services be provided?

f) Much is made of protecting ancient woodland, which is welcome, but how will the ancient hedgerows be protected? Noel Farrer, the ecologist working in partnership with JTP, outlined the supposed dereliction and degradation of the landscape form extensive farming (see 23mins 59sec in presentation) . He went on to claim that the garden village would improve this. The farming techniques he was describing involved grubbing out of hedges and damage to biodiversity. This was both insulting to the local farming community and misleading, since Lancaster and district is not extensively farmed and remains rich in ancient hedgerows, with their high levels of biodiversity as well as woodlands. How will these ancient hedgerows and farms be protected. In recent years the only time hedges have been grubbed out is for housing development.

2. Lancaster County Council decision on route choice for Junction 33 and link road.

In Newsbrief 76 we alerted you to the consultation regarding Transforming Lancaster Transport. On Thursday 4 February 2021 Lancashire County Council announced the preferred route for the link road and reconfiguration of Jt 33

This remains a proposal rather than a fully surveyed route. There remain many questions and issues to be resolved. This road is to be funded by the Housing Infrastructure Fund as announced in the Government budget of March 2020. The housing numbers linked to it, relating to Bailrigg Garden Village (and more widely?), are perplexing since 5,000 are mentioned in Lancashire County Minutes but the government announced 9,000+ in March 2020.

3. Petition launched by Galgate residents (separate from CLOUD) concerning the JTP consultation process and issues reaches 617 signatures (15 February 2021) Closes 8 March 2021

Click here to access and sign

This Petition was launched on 28 February 2021 by two Galgate residents because of concerns over the consultation process and the issues and problems which Bailrigg Garden Village would present for South Lancaster. The wording make clear that the concern is with the very limited time allowed for the consultation process and the implications for environment, for flooding, traffic flows and for services. They are calling for a slowing down and a measured consideration of the many long held anxieties in the village and in South Lancaster more generally.

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