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Newsbrief 81 22 March 2021

Newsbrief 81 : 22 March 2021

Bailrigg Garden Village : Master-planning Update


  1. CLOUD Zoom with JTP

  2. Petition

  3. Council Meeting 24 March 2021

  4. Evidence package

  5. TEAMS meeting proposal from Lancaster City Council

1 CLOUD Zoom with JTP 23 February 2021

On 23 February 2021 members of the CLOUD management committee attended a Zoom with JTP. The questions asked are listed on our website. Click here to view the questions

We received little by way of substantive answers with queries relating to numbers of houses, their location and type being referred back to Lancaster City Council Planners. Concerns regarding construction traffic were referred back to the Housing Infrastructure Fund money for link roads and reconfigured Jt 33. Funding for other infrastructure (schools, health facilities etc) is supposed to come from developers, so JTP can allocate space but nothing definite. The management of the Garden Village remains open at present. Flooding mitigation measures would be confined to within garden village rather than outside; JTP advised us of community efforts elsewhere. There will not be a statistical report on the responses to Phase 1 consultation (the map with red and green buttons). JTP mentioned that they had held meetings with Parish Councils, University and other stakeholders.

2. Petition

The opening of the JTP Masterplanning on 19 January prompted two Galgate residents to launch a petition to raise concerns about the consultation process around Bailrigg Garden Village over 4 years, and especially about the current Master-planning consultation.

The petition was launched on Lancaster City Council website on 29 January. By 8 March, when it closed, it had gained 718 signatures.

This gave the petitioners the right to speak at a Council meeting - to deliver a 5 minute speech .

3 Lancaster City Council Meeting 6.30pm 24 March 2021

This Full Council meeting will be a virtual one and will include the speech on the Petition and the subsequent debate. Click here for link to proceedings, you will be able to access virtually - a link is added on the day of the meeting.

The petition is not the work of one organisation, but is the consolidated voice of individuals and local community action groups. It has generated 718 signatories, a sign of the strength of public feeling on this matter. The focus of concerns to be raised in the speech is on the consultation process, its lack of meaningful questions and transparency, the speed of the current Master-planning process. A slower, structured process would secure the best outcomes for the Garden Village on flooding, biodiversity, air quality, infrastructure including transport, education and health facilities and flood mitigation as well as consistent housing numbers and boundaries.

4. Evidence Pack

In a 5 minute speech it is not possible to do more than raise issues. An evidence pack has been assembled and sent to all City Councillors by email. This includes:

Supporting Evidence :

  1. Background to the petition.

  2. Reasons for concerns of local residents.

  3. Comparison of Bailrigg with other garden village schemes.

  4. JTP Master-planning Process - Deficiencies of Community Engagement.

  5. Local Government Association Statement.

Response to Report from the Director of Regeneration and Planning (submitted to the Council meeting on 24 March 2021)

Appendices :

Appendix 1 Text of petition against Bailrigg Garden Village Consultation

Appendix 2 Text of address to the Council meeting on 24th March 2021.

Appendix 3 Consultation Timeline

The full evidence pack can be viewed on our website.

5. Lancaster City Council Planners TEAMS Proposal

In response to the petition, Lancaster City Council Planners have proposed a TEAMS virtual meeting for those who signed the petition to raise questions. If any CLOUD members would like to join this meeting please send me your email addresses so I can pass to the organisers of the meeting.

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