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Newsbrief 93 June 2022 CLOUD's response to 115 houses in Galgate application

22/00342/FUL | Erection of 115 dwellings with associated access and landscaping | Land At Grid Reference E347900 N455890 Highland Brow Galgate. Go to page https://www.lancaster.gov.uk/planning/view-applications-and-decisions

This video clip gives vivid insight into just how constrained Salford Road is currently without construction traffic and 250 more cars from the new houses using it.

Either fill in an online comment or email dcconsultation@lancaster.gov.uk quoting reference 22/00342/FUL Remember if you have concerns it is important to voice them silence = assent


CLOUD objects to this development on the following grounds : flood risk, the removal of a buffer zone agreed in the Master planning process, the impact of construction and future residents’ traffic, the impact on biodiversity and pressure on health services, schools, drainage and sewage.


The field for the proposed building floods regularly and in 2004 caused serious flooding in the adjacent Meadow Park, leading to the installation of some flood defences. Climate change means that storms have become ever more frequent and severe, with some of the most serious issues caused by surface water flooding from new development swelling water courses and surrounding residential areas. The Flood Risk assessment by the developers identities the need for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDs) for the site and acknowledged the need for maintenance of SuDs. This raises the question of responsibility for such maintenance once the developers leave the site. In addition much depends on the quality of the SuDs design. The following problems are possible

1 Poor consideration of ecology, biodiversity and placemaking principles in design.

2. Poor construction practices in vicinity of permeable surfaces, including management of soils and materials, leading to silt / sediment / granular material contaminating the permeable surface - this includes over-filling soil beds.

3. Poor landscaping design / detailing, resulting in un-sealed slopes draining downhill towards permeable surfaces, leading to silt / sediment contaminating the permeable surface, which reduces performance.

4. Lack of proactive maintenance of permeable surfaces, leading to silting / vegetation growth and reduced performance.

When the Silks development was built on Stoney Lane,Galgate, residents raised the problems of surface water run off on an area already subject to flooding. In November 2017 these local fears were proved to be correct.

Recommendation: That the Planning Committee take account of residents’ intimate knowledge of this site and the photographic evidence of flooding in the field and on Meadow Park and refuse planning permission.

Green Buffer Zone for proposed Bailrigg Garden Village

The Local Plan, adopted in July 2020, included an area of separation from Bailrigg Garden Village for Galgate. In 2021 JTP undertook a Master Planning process for Bailrigg Garden village which Lancaster City Council’s Cabinet endorsed on 8 February 2022.They explicitly identified a green buffer zone covering the site of the proposed development - see page 49 of https://bailrigggardenvillage.co.uk/downloads/Spatial%20Masterplan%20Framework.pdf where statement is made:

Respect the existing communities by creating green 'gaps' between South Lancaster and Galgate.

Recommendation: The Planning Committee should honour the commitment to maintain this area as a green buffer zone.


Has an independent biodiversity study been carried out to assess the impact of the construction activity on an area rich in wildlife. The National Biodiversity Network Atlas reveals how rich the flora and fauna is in the areas adjacent to the proposed development.The damp nature of the field make it attractive to birds, insects, amphibians. How will the developers avoid grubbing out old mixed hedgerows with their complex ecosystems ?

Impact of construction traffic

What consideration has been given to access to the site of construction traffic? Is it proposed that large construction vehicles will be using either Salford Road or be approaching Highland Brow from Five Ashes Lane? The traffic hazards and impact on air pollution make this unacceptable.

Impact of vehicles for the new development

The Planning Application includes designs for double garages. The implication being that the 115 houses will generate 250 cars at least. What up-to date, independent, robust traffic modelling has been done to calculate the impact of this on Galgate?

Pressure on services

This development will place additional pressure on an overstretched school system and also on health services. Lancaster Medical Practice in Galgate is already stretched to breaking point.

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