What is it all about?

CLOUD was formally constituted in October 2017 to campaign against the proposal to build 3,500 houses as Bailrigg garden village between Scotforth and Galgate and other unnecessary and unsustainable housing in Lancaster.

A management team is supported by a group of experts in Transport planning, air quality and planning law.

CLOUD is a corporate member of CPRE and affiliated to the Galgate Flood Action Group.

We are campaigning for a Local Plan which is based on robust evidence, is sustainable, addresses increased flood risk, congestion, air quality and is realistically costed. We question whether the Local plan in its current form is either sound or justified.

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Contacting us,getting involved, membership and donations

Link to Newsbrief Archive


July 17 2022 CLOUD response to Gladman amendments on 19/01135/OUT Click link

June 11 2022 Planning Application for 115 houses in Galgate Click here for link


18 May 2022 What is in store for South Lancaster? Click here for link

31 March 2022 Minutes of CLOUD General Meeting held on 8 March 2022 Click here for link to minutes

10 March 2022 SLICE demo at Lancashire Climate Summit at Lancashire County Hall Preston Click here for YouTube Interview 

Click here for Lancashire Telegraph article

Click here for Lancashire Live story 

9 February 2022 Inaugural AGM for SLICE Click here for Minutes

26 November 2021 AGM Minutes Posted Click here

5 November 2021 What do candidates in the University and Scotforth Rural say about South Lancaster Growth Plans? Click here for link

28 October 2021 Map of development dependent on £140m Housing Infrastructure Fund Click here for map

20 October 2021 CLOUD AGM Click this link for details

7 October 2021  County Council Cabinet on South Lancaster and Spine Road Click here for link to papers, CLOUD response and debate

25 August 2021 Link to webstream for Extraordinary Meeting of Lancaster City Council, 6.00pm Morecambe Town Hall Click this link , go to Agenda Frontsheet and click on HERE

20 August 2021 CLOUD's briefing pack to all Lancaster City Councillors Click here for link

20 August 2021 Overview video of CLOUD concerns over Housing Infrastructure Fund Bid Click here for this 2.5min summary

19 August 2021 Lancaster Guardian features concerns from CLOUD and Lancaster Civic Society over Housing Infrastructure bid Click here for article

18 August 2021 Powerful article highlights the need to review all decisions relating to housing and road building in light of Climate Emergency Click here for link  to article

12 August 2021 Lancaster Civic Society Press Release calls for pause over decision on 9,000 houses for South Lancaster Click here for link

13 August 2021 CLOUD letter to Councillors calling for a pause in HIF vote as too many uncertainties Click here for link


4 August 2021 Lancaster City Council Briefings on South Lancaster Click here for details

22 July 2021 Retired Lancaster GPs highlight the threats which proposed South Lancaster growth has for GP services Click here for Lancaster Guardian article  

19 July 2021 Latest CLOUD update on South Lancaster Growth Catylyst Click here for link

14 July 2021 Green party hold public meeting to raise concerns about plans for South Lancaster growth plans. This is a link to an article in the Lancaster Guardian outlining discussion

29 June 2021 Concerned about the announcement of 9,000+ houses in South Lancaster ? Click here to read about the issues that concern us here and find details of how to contact your Councillor


25 June 2021 Lancaster Guardian article on £260M project to transform South Lancaster Click here to read article


2 April 2021 Lancaster Guardian article on Petition and Council debate and recommendation Click here for article

24 March 2021 Speech and evidence to Lancaster City Council based on Petition Click here for Briefing Pack

February 23 2021 CLOUD Zoom with JTP Click here for questions

February 2021 Outline Planning Application Ellel Holiday Village

January 2021 CLOUD response to JTP Consultation Click here for link

January 2021 JTP consultation on Bailrigg Garden Village Click here for link

November 2020 Transforming Lancaster Transport Consultation Click here for Link

October 2020 AGM Click here for link

September 2020 Local Plan Consultation on Climate Emergency Click here for link


September 2020 CLOUD objection to 55 houses on land adjacent to Pinewood Close

August  2020 What are the implications of 5 Highways England Letters and Reports for South Lancaster? Click here for link 

July 29th 2020 Local Plan adopted; Close vote on amendment on review of housing need numbers within year :26 for 28 against 2 abstentions

July 2020 Address by Tom Wilkinson, on behalf of CLOUD, for Full Council Meeting. Click here for link

June 2020 Long awaited Planning Inspector's Report 

June 2020 Major report on Garden Villages and Garden Towns highlights their link with car dependency

March 2020 Click here for CLOUD Summaries of Highways England Report and Planning Policy Officer's Report for 19/01135/OUT 680 Houses North of Bailrigg Lane

21 January 2020 Planning Policy Officer's Report on 19/01135/OUT 680 Houses North of Bailrigg Lane Click on link to read the  report

10 January 2020 Second call for report on Storm Desmond Floods Click link for article in The Visitor

9 December 2019 CLOUD RESPONSE on 19/01135/OUT 680 houses North East of Bailrigg Lane 

3 December 2019 CLOUD RESPONSE on 19/01100/REM Ward Field Farm 

NB Deadline for 19/01100/REM Ward Field Farm 3 December 2019. City Council have revised deadline for Gladmans’ planning application for land NE of Bailrigg Lane (Council planning ref : 19/01135/OUT) to 13 December 2019. 

29 November 2019 Collaboration between Galgate FLAG, South Lancaster FLAG and CLOUD on flood implications of South Lancaster development proposals Click Link

November 2019 FAILURE TO COMMENT=ASSENT in planning terms. The rash  of planning applications and proposals for upwards of 1,000 houses in South Lancaster is worrying. If you are concerned lodge an objection :

Follow link for suggestions on issues you may want to raise

Highways England challenges to Transport plans submitted for Local Plan and Gladman's development for North Bailrigg Lane. Follow link for full Highways England letters

CLOUD AGM 23 October 2019, Rowley Court Scotforth, 7.30- 9.00

CLOUD response to Main Modifications submitted 11 September 2019 Click here for full details

Local Plan Main Modifications Consultation 12 August - 7 October 2019 Click here for details.

Update on Local Plan Examination Hearings Click here for our summary

Local Plan Hearings to start Tuesday 9 April 2019 at Morecambe Town Hall. Click here for CLOUD Hearing Statements


Chapel Lane Bungalows approved 4 February 2019 -follow link for details of objections, discussion and Minutes

YET ANOTHER CONSULTATION ON 'ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE & INFORMATION'  around 2,000 pages to read and comment on BY 15TH FEBRUARY 2019! Click here for link to Lancaster City Council website



Chapel Lane Bungalows approved 4 February 2019 -follow link for details of objections, discussion and Minutes

Media coverage of Planning Inspector's Letters:

a) Virtual Lancaster 6 December 2018

b) Lancaster Guardian, 21 December 2018

PLANNING INQUIRY ON LOCAL PLAN: Planning Inspector postpones Local Plan Hearings  Click here for more details 

CLOUD response to modified Local Plan Click here to view 


Minutes now available

Article in Lancaster Guardian on the Galgate floods 7 months on and threat of more house building. Click here to read

CLOUD response to Lancaster City Council BGV Action Plan, July 2018 Click here to read

Chapel Lane Planning Application, June 2018

Lancaster Guardian report on SMARTGROWTH UK report. Click here to read

Ten campaign groups, including CLOUD, collaborate with SMARTGROWTH UK to show why they are saying NO to garden villages and the sustainable alternatives. Click here to read full report 

CLOUD submits response to Local Plan for Planning

Inspector follow link

Virtual Lancaster report on CLOUD meeting on 20 March 2018 follow link

Lancaster Guardian report on Galgate Flood Meeting

Virtual Lancaster report on Flood meetings

A month after the floods




A6, Main Road Galgate, 22 November 2017